Our Services

Security Camera Installation & Configuration

We install and service security Cameras from the latest model of IP Cameras to CCTV. For information please visit our Cameras Solution page. There is no project is too small for us, from commercial building to your lovely house, we have solution for you.

T7 TECH is an authorized Dealer for Alibi Camera Systems.


Full System Integration

T7 TECH is an IT Solution provider that provides a turn-key package from start to finish. We will get you up and running in scheduled time. We will set you up with the right technology to run your restaurant efficiently. You can rely on us because we have your best interest in mind. Your trust in us will guarantee a job well done. Your business success is our business success. We strive for total satisfaction guarantee. We don’t just get the job done we also help you become successful at your business. We will help you find the right solution!

Here are some services that we offer:

Complete system installation and configuration

We install all necessary software and configure them to perform a maximum performance.

Custom POS System Design:

Each and every restaurant have its unique qualities, we recommend the right hardware and software and services depending on your operational style, location and business goals.

Cabling and Networking LAN Installation for a secure and robust network:

We design route, pull CAT5E cable and terminate wall jacks and connect LAN to router and switches then test and make sure your network system is firmly secure to handle the highest bandwidth capable.

Custom Menu Programming:

We gather all the information regarding your menu and program them according to your style of business operation. Then we test it with you to ensure you are fully satisfied. We will teach you to make changes where needed and continues to adjust the menu to fit your operational style. Our goal is to make you run your business as efficiently as possible.

On-Site Staff Training:

We provide two hours of on-site staff training so your wait staff will be ready comes d-day.

Technical Support and Customer Service

T7 TECH is your IT solution provider, we have been in business since 2005 help small business grow. We only used the higher quality products. We provide excellent service. We go extra miles with our clients when possible.