Aldelo POS | Restaurant Cloud POS

Aldelo POS | Restaurant Cloud POS

Made for iPad and Android

Full-Featured POS Solution and Ecosystem

Aldelo’s Cloud-based POS solutions provide merchants with a variety of products and features ​to ​operate efficiently with fewer staff.

  • Customize your Aldelo Express ecosystem with iPads, Androids, PAX A60 and A920 Pro
  • Send in-store and online orders to printers or Aldelo’s Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • ​Streamline sales and enhance your digital marketing with rear-facing customer displays ​​
  • Increase the number of indoor and outdoor order entry points with self-service Kiosks
  • ​​Expedite tableside, curbside, delivery, and pickup orders with handheld point of sale
  • Beat bottlenecks and walkouts with contactless​ Masa+ Online Ordering and Payments

​Aldelo offers customizable solutions for all food service needs, drawing from nearly 25 years of developing point of sale software for restaurants, cafes, bars, and food trucks

Aldelo Express is made for All Restaurants and Bars

iPad and Android based POS app with an intuitive user experience and zero learning curve. Made with features for restaurants, bars, and retailers.

* Cloud-Based Mobility
* Super Easy Hardware Setup
​* Reduce training Time
​* Masa+ Online Ordering
​* Seamless Payment Integrations
​* Reduce Labor Costs
​* Integrated Gift Cards
​* Cloud Back Office & Analytics

Aldelo Cloud POS is Made for All Restaurants & Bars

POS for Table Service

Help restaurants, bars and pubs achieve greater savings,
unparalleled values, and exceptional efficiencies.

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