Graphic Designs Pricing Lists

Graphic Designs Pricing Lists

Basic graphic design starting from $25 per hour, either for a small website, social media postings, or more. For more specific details please contact us  by email us directly.

Here are some pricing guidelines:

  • Affordable single project fees
  • Affordable hourly rate based on the type of the project
  • Affordable package rate, please refer to the type of package deals here
  • Affordable T7 TECH’s partner referral rates and more…

What are the most common projects we do?

  • Basic website or business logos, social media graphic, products photography, property photography etc.
  • Business signs with our partners (designs, prints & installation by our trusted partnering Sign’s Company etc.) Please call us for more details and service offers.
  • Digital designs for E-Commerce promotion, website, in-stores promotion, Event’s large display & more
  • To learn more of what we offer please don’t hesitate to give us a call at your convenient. All emails & calls will reply with 24 to 36 hours based on first come first serve.

Samples of designs:

Youtube Videos or Social Media posting from product photography to landscape photography , wedding photography and more. Simply drop us an email or give us a call at 972-968-8168.

Check out our sample Youtube videos here:

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